Simple ideas for bedroom decoration


A bedroom is very personal and intimate to everyone. When boredom strikes, perhaps it is the time for you to change things in your bedroom, and arrange them differently, or maybe you also need to add more furniture.


Stand at the center of your room, and think of what you feel. Do you feel cramped? Is there any theme in your room? Does your desk’ color match your painting? What do you think of your room’s paint?

Start with the bed

Ditch the idea of having queen/king-size bed. It takes too much space for a small bedroom, regardless if you placing it in the corner or the center of the room. Buy a bed frame that includes underneath storage so that you won’t need extra drawers to keep your stuff. Regular bed frame will also work, but you still need to buy under-bed storage to use up space beneath your bed.

Here comes the storage

Notice first if your room’s wall uses pattern-wallpaper or not. If it does, adjust the pattern and your tallest furniture so that the pattern is slightly above the furniture. This way gives visual illusion of hight for a room with low ceiling. For high-ceiling, adjust the wall pattern at the same height as your tallest furniture.

Small but tall storage is best to put across a large object, like from your bed, and place in the corner of the room. Look for 25+ lingerie chest ideas pictures and pick one that suits your taste. If you have large windows, two matching lingerie chests on the window’s sides will balance the overall look of your bedroom. Lingerie chest can store not only lingerie and is slim enough to fit in the bathroom if you have en-suite.

Wardrobe wall

ddd34343Wardrobe wall, instead of a single wardrobe, provide bigger space for your clothes and other personal belongings. Visually, wardrobe wall is not as striking as if you use a separate wardrobe. Also, pick wardrobe wall that comes in bright neutral color, like soft white or light brown. This preference applies to other furniture.



asdad4444For a small room, do not use heavy deep book-shelves. Contemporary bookshelves-design uses the walls of a room and can save more space than the traditional one that looks more like a closet. Use book-shelves to balance the empty look on the room’s sides, if there is any.




Additional furniture

Additional here does not mean you can omit them. Your room needs mirrors anyway, and more mirrors give the spacious impression.

Desks come in various designs these days. Choose a desk that you can fold to store or the one that you can attach to the wall. If your books do not require much space, purchasing bookshelves is optional. There is a desk that comes with top bookshelves.

For lamp-stands, avoid having the very tall ones. Lampstand height should be in the balance with the other furniture. A tall lampstand is best to put in the corner of the room. Or, you can buy small lamp stand to put on the top of your drawers.